Announcing the launch of ‘DeFi Database’

How to use DeFi Database

A screenshot of the DeFi Database site. Sorting, Grouping, and Filtering is supported.
Applying a filter on category contains ‘stablecoins’.
28 DeFi categories (so far).
Grouping data on ‘Ecosystem’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this a commercial project?

Who maintains DFDB?

Why is X project not in the database?

What sort of projects are eligible to be featured on DeFi Database?

  • Copycat or ‘me-too’ forks of projects that doesn’t bring any meaningful new innovation (e.g. ‘food-coin’ yield farms, meme-based projects, etc.)*
  • Tokens or blockchains that are just new assets, without a meaningful connection to DeFi (i.e. this is not a list of tokens like CoinGecko / Coin Market Cap).
  • Test net projects that aren’t interacting with main net contracts or processing ‘real’ crypto assets.
  • Projects that aren’t directly or indirectly linked to financial applications or primitives (e.g. logistics, gaming).

Is this just for Ethereum DeFi projects?

I’ve spotted a mistake, how do I let you know?

Why is there missing information on some records?

What’s coming up for DFDB?



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