Andy’s 2019 Crypto Predictions Retrospective

A self-assessment of my blockchain bets in 2019 — did I hit or miss?

Time to score my predictions.. (Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash)

Brief Recap of 2019 Predictions

Theme 1 : Securitizing tokens and tokenizing securities

(Prediction Result: Partial Hit)

Theme 2: Institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency market

(Prediction Result: Miss)

Theme 3: The halo effect of industries being built around blockchain

(Prediction Result: Partial Hit)

Credit : Kyle Ellicott (Full Res Download here)

Theme 4: The future of stablecoins

(Prediction Result: Hit)

Binance Research — Institutional Market Insights — 2nd edition

Theme 5: The rise of Proof-of-Stake

(Prediction Result: Hit)

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