Short post today, just to say we’re thrilled and humbed for for Vektor to be selected for Y Combinator! 🎉

In a decision that would have surprised myself and my co-founder Akram when we applied just a few months ago, we decided to turn it down for a few company reasons, but we still are super grateful to the YC folks for the opportunity and for helping us articulate our company and vision to them.

We still highly recommend the programme for others — apply now at

Otherwise come join us!

June 2021


DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is growing fast. So fast that it’s difficult to keep on top of all the new projects and DApps that are being announced. Nevertheless, it’s something I’ve been trying to do since the summer of 2020, and over the months I’ve accumulated a decent list through my own research. It occurred to me that this research might be useful to others in the community, and so to celebrate the milestone of 500 projects added, I’m today publishing my research as a public resource.

I call it the DeFi Database, and it’s live today at .

How to use DeFi Database


By Andy Bryant on The Capital

Image credit: Andrey-Burmakin

This is my second Bitcoin halving event, but for many people following the crypto/bitcoin space, this will be their first. I thought it might be useful to write a few words on the most common questions that I get asked about this significant event in Bitcoin.

The next halving takes place on May 12. What is the halving? Why does it happen every 4 years?

Bitcoin, by its design, is deterministically bound to follow a predefined supply curve. What this means is, the creation of new bitcoins (which is baked into the system and can’t be changed) is mathematically enforced to follow a known schedule.

It started off 11 years ago that every 10 minutes, 50 bitcoins were emitted…

By Andy Bryant on The Capital

After recently conducting a retrospective on my 2019 predictions, scoring 3/5 by my own self-assessment, I’m ready to issue some more for 2020.

NB Special thanks to Silicon Luxembourg who published these last week (minus some extra material here)

This year's summary:

  • DeFi will grow, fast
  • China will be first to the CBDC punch
  • Libra won’t launch
  • Regulator strain will intensify
  • Bitcoin safe haven status will be tested

DeFi will grow, fast

DeFi refers to ‘Decentralised Finance’, which generally refers to an emerging financial system built mostly on Ethereum. As the name implies, it is a broad technological movement that includes digital assets, financial smart contracts, protocols…

A self-assessment of my blockchain bets in 2019 — did I hit or miss?

Time to score my predictions.. (Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash)

Everyone in the crypto space seems busy right now publishing their predictions for 2020. Yet while Twitter abounds with a variety of divination, some interesting and thoughtful, but also some delusional and naive (Sorry #XRPArmy, but $1,000 XRP would value the asset at more than half of global GDP — not gonna happen), I notice that few people actually review their predictions from last year. Self-assessment and public disclosure is low, kinda like how your friend who plays poker online loves talking about their winnings but keeps silent about the losses.

So, in the decentralised spirit of transparency I’m going…

And how Blockchain will trigger a Machine-Economy Explosion..

(NB this is part 2 of my Machine Economics series. Feel free to read Part 1, although this piece can also stand alone)

Chicago Board of Trade, 1999 (Andreas Gursky)

As internet technology continues it’s unstoppable march from the relatively benign world of information sharing and socialising, and into our more sacred and serious financial matters, the blurring lines between traditional finance and newer financial technology force us to reimagine centuries-old economic concepts in new ways.

One of these unchallenged concepts goes something like this: We humans, as rational investors and economic decision-makers, will remain in the driving seat as shapers of the global economy. Even if…

An attempt to demystify the Travel Rule challenges for Virtual Asset Service Providers using practical step-by-step examples


Author is COO of bitFlyer Europe, a global crypto exchange and regulated VASP.

The global crypto-sphere is buzzing about the recent guidelines by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regarding it’s new Risk-Based-Approach (RBA) for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).

The FATF, one of the fewer global intergovernmental organisations that actually has teeth, issued several recommendations in this guidance (June 2019), but the one that has VASPs (like crypto exchanges) and financial institutions squawking is the so-called Travel Rule which from June 2020 will apply to virtual assets.

While many commentators appear to be simply lamenting for the challenges ahead…

Consumers have never had so many options when it comes to personal finance. Think back only five years ago and not even Monzo was on the scene. Instead, when it came to where to store your money or where to get credit, you had the choice of either a big bank or…well… another big bank.

Like many of us, I often need a coffee to start my day. You head out onto the high street to get that caffeine hit and you have a massive choice. Independents offering an exciting blends and roasts. The big chains like Starbucks and Costa…


Barely a day goes by without some sort of debate in the press around cryptocurrency’s capability for longevity. Is it a bubble overdue a burst? Are falling coin prices heralding the end? Alternatively, is it a future mainstream technology simply going through the traditional stages of a hype cycle? Is it the future savior of the financial health of the developing world?

Will biological ‘wet-ware’ always have a place in the economy?

The future economy will be barely recognisable to humans. Investment and economic decision-making, far from being under our control, will be so advanced in sophistication that human minds will be relegated to mere passengers in a cambrian explosion of novel, automated methods and financial forces. It will be difficult to even grasp the rules of the game. And behind everything, driving a paradigm shift unmatched in its breathtaking speed, will be legions of autonomous programs; evolving, transacting and traversing across a universe of Blockchains.

Reality Check…

Ok, so back down to earth for a second. That’s very different to what the economy…

Andy Bryant

Co-Head / COO of bitFlyer Europe. Blockchain/Cryptonomics/Futurism nerd. Views expressed are my own.

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